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Butterflies and Bugs

Halfway through the week Kiffer decided he was done with “bugs”.   So, only the bug sensory bin and butterfly trays were used.  Guess I have things planned for next time! (ladybugs, worms, etc)

Here are our trays for a butterfly unit:

I found the 3-part cards on “Tired, Need Sleep” here.  The butterfly is part of Insect Lore’s butterfly life cycle.  So pretty with the orange tray!  And I added a postcard we picked up at the Conservatory for some extra “oomph”.

Some butterfly transfer work using butterfly gems and flower tea light cups from the Michael’s dollar section.  The butterflies can fly from flower to flower!

Butterfly life cycle using the same Insect Lore kit as well as cards from “The Helpful Garden” found here.  I can’t believe how nice other Montessori users are!  All these amazing printables to use at home.

Our “bug” sensory bin contains paper Easter grass, assorted bugs and butterflies (and perhaps an arachnid or two), a small net, a couple magnifying glasses, and a small bug jar.  This is the most popular bin yet!  Both boys enjoyed it, but I took a bit of the grass out for the youngest…too hard to find all the bugs.

Drinking like a butterfly: We found some straws with flowers attached and pretended to sip nectar with our long “tongues” like a butterfly.  No photo, but it was pretty hilarious!

I also plan to sneak in one more activity to cement our butterfly life cycle knowledge…found here.  Once again, courtesy of  “The Helpful Garden”.

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  1. morningside girl

    What a cool blog! Love the book lists and moving narrative photos. Gee, wish I had little kids again!

  2. What fantastic trays! Thanks for sharing – just in time for our bug theme next week!


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